What I want to know is, fine, stress dream, ok, I get it: I need to be in a predicament.  I need something to be presiding over me.  I need difficulty.  It’s a simple soup.  A clear stack of ingredients.  That I get.

But the slow motion running thing.  I mean, come on.  How many decades deep am I in this dream?  With all the times I can sing “I am Beautiful” to myself, can’t I graduate up a level or two?  What about if I’m actually a pretty good runner?  What if I gain some good ground and I get a minute of surprised pride but then everyone around me starts running weirdly faster than you would ever expect?  Wouldn’t that be almost as stressful?  Even more so maybe?

It could be like: “oh, yeah, you run, Graham!”

And then the rest could be a huge serving of

“Think again, sucker, here’s a no compete for you”

And while I’m in the middle of this, why was I being chased by Gwyneth Paltrow and why was she in a pink ballet outfit?

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