surprise dream

I had a terrible dream the other night about a murderer and all of his gruesome feats.  The visions chronicled destruction after destruction of the most vulgar sort.  It was slow.  It was disturbing.

While we grew to hone in on the killer and the events heightened to a third act excitement I surprised myself by discovering that I had the killer wrong the whole time.  It was his sister instead and I was blown away.

I mentioned this was my dream, right?

For all the cliche this will gain me, the dream was like a movie.  Camera Man Dreams In Movies (full story page 3).  Blah blah.  But how do you surprise yourself in your own dream?  I mean, it was a real Crying Game kind of “woah!” (which, yes, I was surprised by as well.)

I staggered out of bed, thrown by myself straight off.

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