empty dragons

I saw that blonde woman on TV.

Some behind the scenes/making of for Game of Thrones.

She’s a ruler.  Or a princess.  One of the key players in the drama.  She had throngs of people and digitally animated “people” around her.  Guards and knights and such in-between her and the real and false masses.  Much ado.

There be dragons.  Teenage dragons.  Pets.  Friends.  Her pets.  Her friends.  Perched and flapping next to her.  Then wild in the air.  Roasting people.  Tossing them as bait.  Then at tense rest beside her.  And there was something to the manor with which she behaved around such awkward and glorious beasts.

I can’t stop thinking about her now since I saw her with her dragons.

I want to watch the show now.  Not because of any drama or threads.  I just want to see more of her.  I want to get closer to this dragon-close lady.  Her calm response.

In truth, she was only responding to air and a green stick.  That’s what the tv about tv showed us.  A green stick with a green ball at its end.  And with some work: poof!  dragons!  Responding to emptiness but to dragons.

And there is a powerful part of me that longs to be next to her.  As an emptiness that seems so much like dragons looking to find her gentle acceptance.

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