gas hotels

So I’m staying in this hotel just like I stay in other hotels when I stay in hotels.  I get in, I set my bag on something hard like porcelain or tile, check for bed bugs, unpack my backpack, charge every battery I can, drink some water, leave my jacket on, take off my shoes, hide all the hotel pamphlets and paper junk, look at the free and expensive treats and sit down in front of my computer.  Oh, and turn off the HVAC.

Except that, in this hotel, turning off the air means that all I get to smell is the burnt natural gas not burning in the “fireplace.”  The kind of stink that would cause your head to ache if you didn’t run for your very life within thirty minutes.

So now I have to open the sliding glass door and crank the fan.  But soon I have to go to sleep.  The trouble is that when I sleep, I have a harder time keeping track of the things I own and someone could take advantage of that by walking in through the door and taking them.

So…safety or sleep or comfort or HVAC…difficult decisions here in LA.

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