quick change


It’s funny what can be irritating one moment and then almost bring you to tears in the next. The ladies have left to return home and I am left to stay here in Istanbul on my own and wait for work to come to meet me.

One minute I’m scooting them out the door, frowning and scolding them into an elevator and then, scooting them into a cab and then I’m crying and wishing they wouldn’t go.

I scoot back into the elevator but now I’m crying instead of frowning.

Some stern looking Turkish women come into the elevator and I use the language block to hide the wet of my eyes.

When I get back to the room there’s a big glob of toothpaste in the sink and I start to cry again.

One of Violet’s hairs under a magazine.

With nothing to distract me, I find these little pieces of them left behind.

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